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2015 New Mexico United States Pageantry

2 DVD Set

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New Mexico United States Pageantry 2015 promo video for the 2 DVD set. Filmed live at Sandia Casino in Albuquerque with 3 HD cameras and directed by Steve Poynter of 2U films. This event features 33 New Mexico ladies competing for 5 titles.
The 2 DVD set cover both opening through Title winners, with all of the singing, dancing and Princess and Prince parade.
Just in time for Mothers day. If you or a loved one participated you'll love this keepsake.
As a film maker, Steve's wile Kim Poynter​ was in pageants from her teens though competing as a Mrs. The VHS tapes we got were shot from the back of the room with no operator. I feel that these woman deserve a high quality production. Our 4 person production team use state of the art wireless headset to coordinate the money shots, use studio HD cameras and a live HD switcher. We sent the images to the big screen during the show and recorded the whole program. But that's not all that goes into it. We then re-edited and added more graphics, clean up some of the audio and then created DVDs with menus with chapter/scenes.
Anyone thinking about doing a pageant of this caliber will gain knowledge about what works great. And we can always learn by watching,
Enjoy this promo and share it. And congratulate the ladies on their effort as they use their crowns to get the word out on their special 'Beauty with a Purpose' theme.
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2015 Fitness New Mexico Championship
Includes Preliminary & Final Judging.

Full 5 DVD set

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