2U films

2Ufilms outshines other studios in that we create each film by telling your story. From the very beginning we will consult with U and devise a plan that will implement your mission, goals, and desires 2 promote U 2 your target audience, whether it be a wedding, sports, music, dance recital, gymnastics meet or a multi camera live corporate event.


We always look for that 'money' shot 2 focus on U. U are the stars and will be our main focus, but we think it’s valuable to document those sharing the event with U as well.

Options and packages are available involving pre-shoots, one day edits, multi camera shoots, and live TV programming with green screens. As an example, lets say it is your wedding and U want a pre-shoot of how U met.  We will revisit that location with U both and create a short piece that can be shared at the wedding so your guests can share in your story.

How do U want your cinematography team to work at your event? We work in a variety of ways, but always focus on spotlighting and authenticating your event as it occurs, making every effort to not be intrusive. We want U to remember your special event in real-time as it occurs…  thus our reason for offering pre-shoot and other packages as well.

The first step is to call 2Ufilms at 505.803.6900, 505.944.5943, or email us for a free consultation. It all starts with U!